The wonderful dreamingofberries had asked me about some things Marlene King has said regarding -A. It seemed simple enough, yet it caused me to become quite winded, throwing around some things I’ve said before and merging ideas. I decided to go ahead and post it, so I hope you enjoy!


Another thing that I don’t fully grasp is the concept of Mona being Original -A paired up with the existence of Uber -A. Marlene has said that from the very beginning she knew that Mona was Original -A but that who Uber -A was came to her in the second season after Mona was unveiled. So what I don’t get is if Uber -A (on the show) was there all the time or just after Mona got caught. You know what I’m saying?

It’s hard to fully believe anything Marlene says. She’s a liar too lol. She sometimes says things that contradicts something she’s said before. Like what you’ve said she said about Original -A and Uber -A. She’s also said that she knew who -A was going to be since the beginning. And that we saw -A in the very first episode. All of this is very vague and confusing (much like the show itself). So, do we take everything she’s said at face value? Or just except that she takes the theme of the show quite seriously? Lies, contradictions, and misdirection? I think she’s messing with us sometimes.

As I said before, in the very beginning of the show, the -A lair looked nothing like Mona’s and this person wore a men’s cut black leather jacket. We see only the jacket up until episode ten. That’s the episode Hanna was hit by a car. We find out Noel was the one to write on the back of Fitz’s car, but we’re never told exactly who it was that hit Hanna. They were more than likely male judging by their figure, in a black hoodie and all black converse shoes. That isn’t the end of the jacket though. We continue to see it from time to time through out season one. I can’t remember if we see it in season two or not.

I think Mona being Original -A means she was the first one to be caught. From how she acts and her thoughts when she was caught, I think that she and the -A team had been planning for her to be caught for awhile. It gave the Liars a false sense of security along with a face to blame all their torment on. But Mona wasn’t in charge and she most certainly wasn’t the end. I think there was someone above Mona for the whole duration of the show.

I’m not even 100% certain she was the very first to start the game anymore. Rewatching The First Secret made me skeptical of that. Perhaps she did start the game, but then someone had to have quickly took notice of it and wanted to play in a more devious manner. It starts off for Alison similarly to how it starts for the Liars. It’s something closer to pranks, though some of them are truly scary (like finding out she wasn’t fighting Noel). It escalates to death threats and an attempt on her life.

That’s not how Mona plays. It’s scary, though more “childish” I would say. Blackmailing people over things like cheating and other petty bullshit. Setting up scares the likes of a crafty Halloween “haunted house”. Her game was smaller, all for the mind. She didn’t physically hurt people or threaten their lives. Someone else was playing since the beginning, whether or not they used the ruse of “-A" when they began.

It could be that this person sent Mona a proposition, telling her about the game and how to get back at Alison. They could have set Mona up, watching and enjoying the show. Stepping in to really hit Ali hard when they feel the need. It could also be that they noticed the game and liked how it as played. They could have wanted in on it and copied Mona, only taking it much further than she would. Mona wanted to bully the bully. This person wanted to honestly hurt her.

If we go with someone teaching Mona the game, it’s also likely that this isn’t the first or only time this has happened. I had made a post before linking Sara Harvey, Bethany Young and Alison DiLaurentis, pondering whether or not -A was messing with all of them. You can find that post here.

-A's reach is far. Remember the car accident Caleb's mother was in? On the other side of the country? How -A followed the girls to New York? We know -A is a decently sized group, but what if it’s a network designed to take down bitches like Alison was? What if it’s not as personal as we think? What if it’s just a sick game all started by one person with a vendetta against their own high school bully? What if this person has decided to give the power back to the victims?

It’s the mentality of most serial killers. There is something traumatic that happened to them and they were victimized. They desire to feel in control, to have power, to no longer be a victim. In their warped psyche, they target those with physical and/or personality characteristics of the person that scarred them. They exact their vengeance on this person over and over by harming those that remind them of who hurt them.

Personality wise, it seems as though Sara and Alison were very similar. They also had blonde hair, blue eyes, similar build, and close in age. Physically, Bethany is the same (not 100% on eye color yet). It’s highly likely that she was also similar personality wise.

All three of these girls are clearly connected. If Alison is alive, Bethany’s remains intact, then who’s bones was -A sending to the Liars? Was that Sara Harvey? Or another Queen Bee that’s never been found?

This reminds me of how Mona says in Radley that she did everything (whoever) told her to.

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So the bibro fans really did send gifts to everyone except Misha?

I’d like to thank them for confirming, straight from the horse’s mouth, what kind of people they are. “assumed he’d gotten one”. Did you now.

A warmer thank you to Jim for asking that question. I can only imagine he was pretty pissed.

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You’re telling me that a group of people who call themselves members of the spnfamily actully spent however much money giving gifts to every other member of the cast and crew and…. and… excluded Misha Collins. Tell me this is some kind of cosmic joke. 

That is….. the most hurtful thing I think I’ve ever heard. I am so disappointed in our fandom right now.

I hope every member of the cast and crew threw those gifts away. 


Aren’t they a bunch of darlings

The backpedalling since Jim Michaels called them out on it has been fun to watch

(link to the post with the tweets)

For those who don’t know what’s going on, a lovely group of fans decided to get J2 incredibly expensive engraved alcohol of some sort, sent the rest of the cast and crew shot glasses with a “happy 200th” message on them, and got Mark Sheppard a water bottle due to his struggles with alcoholism. Their reason for not including Misha was that he has “not been around all 200 episodes”.

what a disgusting bunch of trash i’m so fucking done 

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First of all i will not be giving away 100 books (If i was rich enough to give away 100 books I would but i’m an 18 year old who spends too much time on the internet). My giveaway is based off my 100 book reading challenge (there’s a full list of all the books there and you can also enlarge the photos above to see the selection.) hence the name for my giveaway. All these books are from the list i plan to read. So i haven’t read them all but from what people have said there are A LOT of good books here. 

Secondly theres actually 102 books here. hehe!

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Reblog if you believe school can cause stress.


My dad doesn’t think so, and I’m having a hard time explaining to him why school is stressful, so once this reaches a decent amount of notes I’ll show him how many people agree with me.

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Remember when things were simpler?


Remember when things were simpler?

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